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Global review of HR trends in SSCs and GBS centres


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Historically, “Business Services” refer to all activities which support the main function of an organisation. As technology changes job titles and in-demand skills, the concept of a support function also evolves.

Now worth over € 1 trillion, the sector continues to grow, leveraging economies of scale, optimising infrastructure, and finding new pockets of talent to increase efficiency and drive innovation.

The Business Service Sector (BSS) worldwide is facing 3 main challenges:

  1. Digital transformation, which forces organizations to invest in the right technology and upskill their workforce.
  2. Talent management. The mismatch between a growing demand for skilled professionals (in particular with specialized expertise in areas such as data analytics, cybersecurity, and process optimization) and the availability of such talent causes competition, which requires the development of robust talent acquisition and retention strategies.
  3. Increasing complexity of regulatory and compliance requirements, in particular for organizations operating across multiple jurisdictions, that require specialized knowledge and resources to ensure compliance and avoid potential penalties.

In this report we look at the challenges and opportunities of global trends like hybrid working and the increasing complexity of services managed.


In the full report, we provide country-specific analyses, with a summary of trends and local specialisation from our country managers, and local data on:

• Economic growth and employment
• Graduates and their career paths
• Current BSS presence and sector split
• HR tax burden
• Notice periods. Minimum and average wages
• Salary guide