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Effective leadership in action an analysis

An unprecedented time to be a leader

Our recent global experience in coping with the Covid-19 pandemic has opened the way to a shining, yet thoroughly unexpected, opportunity to transform an extreme crisis into a remarkable chance for multiple new routes of growth for business and their leaders. 

The almost instant explosive effect that world lockdowns precipitated in an astoundingly short time period, quickly smashed through barriers that have delineated our work patterns and habits for generations, standing our most basic ground rules on their head almost overnight. And this was of course not only relevant to our work lives, but very much to our personal and family lives too.

This defined a moment when business leaders had to take on multiple and unanticipated challenges, not simply regarding how to move their businesses forward into the future, but also providing support for staff, suppliers and customers during a period of great uncertainty and rising anxiety. In addition, those leaders often found themselves addressing issues and stepping into the void where other institutions within societies’ networks have faltered in the speed and quality of their reaction.

At Wyser, we recently released a WhitePaper focusing on the leadership skills needed from today’s executives. What are these 9 essential skills?

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